New TV Shows to watch in 2015

We live in a world today where TV Series are becoming the main source of entertainment for the masses. But the thing which worries most people is this


who will watch so many seasons :/

well worry not to my friends here I bring you a list of shows which all debuted this season and thus are only one season in, so no worries!

1.) Better call Saul


Well one thing I believe, which I think will be agreed upon by most people, that Spin-Offs usually suck and I the above sentence becomes all the more believable when the spin-off is based upon Breaking Bad, a show which has redefined the landscape to TV series completely in terms of excellence in plot, acting everything. Yeah so back to the point its really tough following an act like that, but believe my word when I say Better Call Saul defies all those notions, it really stands on its own and gives you a good look on a character which somewhat got lost in front of the brilliant Heisenberg in the original series. The show might eventually bring in the BB storyline,but for now presents us with an excellent original plot that is totally independent of its Big Brother and also it has some really awesome acting by Bob Odenkirk.

2.) Daredevil


Now this is a classic comic books based TV Series, but has something about it which sets it apart from the earlier superheroes shows of Batman and Superman and that something is the way in which the main superhero has been introduced. He doesn’t come out in his bright red uniform in the first episode saving a damsel in distress, but the show actually builds on that aspect. Even though the acting of the cast isn’t very exceptional, it’s acceptable and also the plot makes up for it. Do watch it if it’s time for your MCU pills(MCU-Marvel Cinematic Universe) and can’t wait for Captain America: Civil War.

3.) Mr. Robot


This show is the most intriguing of the debutantes. Its description of following the life of a hacker might put off (it did to me) but don’t let it stop you from watching this absolute cracker, mind boggling series. I really can’t write much about it because, SPOILERS! but all I will say it has some pretty awesome plot twists! Do watch it and let it mess up your brain too!

4.) TVF Pitchers


So yeah although its a web-series I would like to mention this one as it is too good not to be mentioned and yeah also because its Indian 😛 This is really recommended who wants to light hearted comedy and an awesome plot. You cant watch it even if you have time constraints as its just five episodes and all are available online for free on their website  and also Epsiodes 1 to 3 are available on youtube.

Fear the Walking Dead


Now this one I can’t include in the list because only a couple of episodes have come out and will have to update you after I have watched enough to decide whether its worth a watch or not, stay tuned.

Happy Watching!


Vinayak Tiwari

Independent India

On the day of India’s 69th Independence Day what better to write about than our country. It has been 68 years since our Independence but we still lag behind the developed countries by decades. Here I write about the things that we, as our country’s citizens and our Government need to do to rectify the situation to some extent.

1.) Improve education system right from the grass root level


This is the need of the hour, search on the internet and you will find various statistics showing how many children are out of school, and not. But no one is addressing the other big issue, the quality of the education received. If going by the schools which mainly lag, the leaders are mainly, surprise! surprise! our government schools! they are really quite a laggard in the race of quality education.

2.) Start producing our own weapons


As many of you might know, India is the largest buyer of weapons, now some might think this is a good thing, this shows India is taking care of its Armed Divisions, but the real picture is far from that. Not only do we pay a lot more than the actual price, but the fact that we buy weapons from others means that the sellers know all about it, which can prove to be really harmful in a war situation.

If we start producing our own weapons not only we avoid the above and many other cons of buying weapons from others, but we also create a big source of employment.

3.) Create employment for the elite

Our Government pays for the education(partially) of students at elite institutions like IITs, NITs but the profit is reaped by the MNCs who get highly skilled and cheap workforce. If the government provides employment in the government sector companies and PSUs with attractive packages then it will be a win-win situation for both and will put a stop to the Brain-Drain.

4.) Actually help the poor


Our constitution is the best written instrument of law, our government makes some the best laws and programmes, but the vital thing missing is the enforcement of the said programmes( eg. NREGA etc.).

5.) Vote


A large majority of India’s urban youth are disillusioned with politics and don’t vote. If you want a change, be the harbinger of that change. The government takes a lot of efforts to conduct free and fair elections.(

6.) Sex Education for the youth

With this point I am entering an area which the Indian Society considers a big taboo, but the result of this practice is out for all to see, constant news of rapes, molestation etc. have become the order of the day. We need to educate the youth about these topics so as to curb these crimes. Also harsher and fast punishment for the offenders, deters them.

7.) The Big C


Corruption has infested our Government at every level, and it’s the biggest problem that India is facing today. We need to stop giving the traffic police a Rs.100 note to avoid a penalty of Rs.200 because corruption flows both ways, they take because we give. Even the people who are aware don’t do anything about it because the amount of trouble one will have to undergo to take a corrupt officer to court.

8.)Trust in God, not in religion/caste


The biggest and oldest problem in our country, religion, caste. Its like we Indians like to divide among ourselves. The flowchart for division goes like

Religion -> Caste-> Sub-caste -> Region

Let us have Unity in Diversity.




Vinayak Tiwari

The Cosmic Perspective

Feeling Small?

Well, you shouldn’t be. Yes, you’re just one person out of over 7 billion on Earth. Yes, your lifetime — even if you live to be well over 100 — is just a fraction of a flicker of a blink compared to the 4.6 billion years of the age of the planet. And yes, Earth is only about a third the age of the Universe… which is filled with billions of other galaxies each with stars and planets of their own. Space is just so awfully darn…big.

But, as astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson reminds us in the video above, so are you. So is everyone, in fact. And why? Because we are all a part of it.We’re a part of the Universe… each one of us an inexorably inseparable part of the big picture, a connection between past, present, and future in the most elemental sense possible. As Tyson famously stated once before, “we are in the Universe, the Universe is in us.” And it’s true.

So if you have an admittedly large and heavy ego, put it down for a moment and check out the video. You may come to realize it was weighing you down a bit.

“Those who see the cosmic perspective as a depressing outlook, they really need to reassess how they think about the world.”

– Neil deGrasse Tyson


Hope you don’t get crushed under the weight of your new huge realisation!


Vinayak Tiwari

The work of a teacher

Given the title of the article you might think it’s an article on teachers, their importance..well it ain’t read on..

As I sat in my chair at the barbershop, I looked at the mirror, and as it so often happens you check your face and then you move, well that’s not possible at the barbershop is it? So after the above procedure ended, I started thinking, looking back on the vacation that was going to end today.  I have always found that I usually have a good idea at the end of a vacation, maybe that’s because I again start using my brain, start thinking, plan for the next new semester.

After you read this post you might see my earlier post,  if you check out the date it’s over a year old and that explains my biggest flaw,  Procrastination. I usually have all the ideas in the world but don’t act on them.

So in the barbershop I started to think how spent my vacation ( at this point most of my classmates must be doing this, or might have already done this) and I realised, I spent most of my time on the Internet, reading articles browsing Facebook checking out the “new cool thing” that’s happening out there through my 5 inch window of exposure. So I thought maybe I too need to get out there add my kilobytes to it. Shift my use of the Internet from being just a dormant observer, to actually start using it.

As I thought some more I drifted and drifted until I realised how complex this world is and how insignificant my actions until now have been. In this big clockwork of the world how I am just a small cog. I am not doing something for the benefit of the society, nor am I helping in protecting it from the antisocial elements. I have always been a student, studying, writing exams nothing more. A scientist works in his lab, a solider on the field, a teacher teaches a class that’s his work and I am the work of a teacher, nothing more. But then I realised however insignificant I might be right now, however a small cog I am, I am here, and I must have a purpose, and so does each of you reading this.

At the end you might think that what you have read is just me telling you what I thought and that’s just what I want to do. Share my thoughts and talk about the things I like, I read and learn from others.

Feel free to comment, and tell me if you liked what I wrote. But the thing is even if you don’t like this, I am not stopping I will continue, and as I wrote a year back in my first post maybe I will stay this time.

Thank you for reading,

Vinayak Tiwari

New Inception

My first post.

Now that I have all the details figured out…The big question remains…What should I write about?

For most of my life I have been just a silent viewer. That moment when a thousand words want to burst out of you and you just stand there,saying nothing,I can say I have had a lot of those, the reason was different everytime but I havent really been able to put my finger on it,sometimes it was fear or paranoia?

I have had many past wasteful attempts at keeping a diary or something like that,hope this one doesnt end up in smoke like those. Really hope that one day this idea,(which has made me start a blog)I can call it an epiphany of some sort.

Looks like I have finally started, and boy am I here to stay..:)